Golfing Great Hank Haney's Personal Golf Green

“This is the best green that I have ever had or ever seen! It rolls true,
accepts pitch shots realistically, and looks fantastic. Celebrity greens
has an amazing team — what a great experience working with them!”

–World Renowned Golf Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Analyst & Personality






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Serving North/Central FL including Gainesville, Flagler, Daytona, Ocala, The Villages, Orlando, Kissimmee, Lakeland Melbourne, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete and all surrounding areas.


Artificial Grass for Lawns, Putting Greens, Sports, Pets & Dogs

Our expert synthetic turf design and installation team has the experience installing artificial turf golf greens, lawns, sports fields and more that you’re looking for. We stand out from other artificial grass installation companies because of our intense training and our dedication to customer satisfaction.


• No Mowing

• No Maintenance

• No Watering

• No Weeds

• No Muddy Patches

• Pet and Kid Friendly

• Allergy-Free

• Environmentally Friendly

The quality of our grass is second to none in the artificial turf industry. Not only do we use the most natural looking grass available on the market today, our grass is durable and long lasting.  It will maintain its look and performance for years with little to no maintenance.

If you’re considering installing an eco-friendly artificial grass lawn in your front yard or back yard, look no further. Whether your project is a championship-level golf green or an artificial lawn for a home residence, a playground or sports facility, we’ll deliver a beautiful, kid-friendly, maintenance-free landscape you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Celebrity Greens is a nationwide leader in luxury golf greens and artificial grass installations. We pioneered the industry, perfecting the installation of high quality synthetic turf and introducing innovations in design and construction technology. We’ve built a solid reputation for exceptional aesthetics, scale and complexity of the design and the detailed execution of the project.

Authorized consultants for Celebrity Greens are hand selected based on their industry knowledge, depth of experience and quality workmanship. They are highly specialized and highly trained in the design and installation of multiple synthetic turf applications.


`I truly believe that it replicates what I get on tour week in week out, and the way the ball reacts on the green is paramount. It’s the softest green that I’ve ever been on. All I know is I’ve got an authentic roll – a very true roll. There’s no skidding, there’s no side spin – the ball rolls incredibly true. I’m so happy with it because of the multiple aspects. This is an area that my entire family gets to use. I can get as good a practice out here, if not better, than I can driving up the road and going to the golf club. This is without question going to assist my game and make my practice easier. Celebrity Greens exceeded my expectations on this entire project. Amazing!`
PAUL CASEY, Top 25 PGA Tour Player

“This is the best green that I have ever had or ever seen! It rolls true, accepts pitch shots realistically, and looks fantastic. Celebrity Greens has an amazing team — what a great experience working with them!“
HANK HANEY, World Renowned Golf Instructor, Author, Television Analyst

`Anyone can put down fake turf and call it a putting green. But if you want a GOLF green that not only putts true, but also gives you “real grass” performance when practicing chips, pitches and bunker shots, the only company to call is Celebrity Greens! I designed my backyard green complex and Celebrity Greens built it perfectly in just 2 days. Just amazing!`
PETER KOSTIS, CBS Golf Analyst & Top 100 Teacher